Tower Crane Manufacturer in China

Yongli Construction Equipment Company is a construction machinery manufacturer in China, offers tower crane, climbing tower crane, truck concrete pump, concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, wheel loader. The company founded in 1958, have experienced more 50 years of manufacturing tower cranes, concrete mixers and concrete pump, concrete batching plant. With years accumulating, we have solved many problems during we make new model concrete machines and equipments. The problem is like a better teacher who led us to make high quality products. With years production and management experience, we have improved our abilities of managing, it caused the production efficiency raised, and cut down the production cost.

  • Tower Crane
  • Tower Crane The hydraulic self-erecting crane has a horizontal jib frame, and a trolley runs along the jib to move the load in and out from the crane's center. Due to its consistent quality and reliability, our tower crane is widely used in the construction of high-rise buildings like restaurants, residential buildings, as well as large-span industrial plants, tall chimneys, and more.
  • Inner Climbing Tower Crane
  • Inner Climbing Tower Crane The inner climbing tower crane is made up of special base sections, climbing frames and climbing devices. By the aid of the climbing device, the tower crane raises itself by climbing up as the building rises. At the beginning of the construction, the machine is fixed on the concrete foundation by the aid of a special undercarriage ...
  • Topless Tower Crane
  • Topless Tower CraneThe topless tower crane has achieved an internationally advanced level in terms of performance. For instance, its maximum working range reaches 74m, which results in extended working space.
    Designed in accordance with the latest trend, the crane is sure to impress you with its elegant and aesthetic look.
  • Concrete Pump
  • Concrete Pump ZW-Boda S-valve series high-pressure pumps, Z-gate-valve series medium-pressure pumps and D-butterfly-valve series low-pressure pumps are commonly used concrete transport equipment. Economical and functional, they are widely applied to projects such as urban construction, electric power, railway, highway, tunnel, bridge, port ...
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Concrete MixerOur concrete mixers (6-200m3/h) are used to produce dry concrete and quaking concrete. They are easy to operate and convenient to maintain, with discharging capacities ranging from 200L to 4000L.
    Barrel: adopting European style, beautiful yet durable.
  • Concrete Batching Plant
  • Concrete Batching Plant Our concrete batching plant consists of a batching system, mixing system, electrical control system, and more. Adopting a high-precision microcomputer control system, the batching plant offers a high level of automation. Manual control is also available. In addition, the concrete batching plant can store mixture ratio, is equipped with a printing system ...
  • Concrete Batching Machine
  • Concrete Batching Machine The concrete batching machine is a newly-developed machine that can automatically complete the batching procedure of sand, stone, cement and other materials according to user's concrete mixture ratio requirement. It is applicable to concrete mixture preparation for concrete mixers (discharging capacity≤3000L). After the batching ...
  • Wheel Loader
  • Wheel LoaderThe wheel loader is powered by a direct injection diesel engine which features easy startup and low oil consumption
    It uses special drive axle, with strong ability to overcome obstacle
    The hinged structure results in small turning radius and flexible turning, enabling the loader to be used in narrow space ...

To make high quality tower cranes, concrete machines needs better manufacturing equipments, with many years, we have invested huge capital to buy advanced manufacturing equipments and machines, and another factor will directly act on the quality, management, with ISO9001: 2008 standards to control and manage the production processes. On another hand, we did best to cut down the production cost by controlling the efficiency, logical production process and well trained workers, so that we can benefit customers.

We have after sale service and trainee courses for users having safe mood to use the concrete equipment and tower cranes, we are serving the customers from Brazil, Vietnam, India, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Russia, North Africa, United States. The company is located in Qingzhou city, which has Chinese tradition ancient city, has already had more than 1500 years history, it is close the Qingdao harbor which has many marine lines to reach the customer's ports.

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