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We offer approved mini wheel loader with optional quick hitch system. Some of our popular wheel loaders include ZL08B 2WD, ZL08F 4WD mini loader, ZL10A mini loader, ZL10B mini loader, ZL10F mini loader, ZL12F and ZL12F loader with hydraulic torque converter, etc.

Product Description
1. The wheel loader is powered by a direct injection diesel engine which features easy startup and low oil consumption
2.It uses special drive axle, with strong ability to overcome obstacle
3. The hinged structure results in small turning radius and flexible turning, enabling the loader to be used in narrow space
4. Optional attachments include timber grapple, snow blade, rock bucket, pallet fork, hammer, etc.

As our wheel loader offers the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, good performance and reliable quality, it is widely used in agricultural engineering and small, medium construction projects as well as coal mine, kiln factory, stone material factory, prefabricated cement parts factory, and more.

Shangdong Yongli Group is a professional wheel loader manufacturer based in China. Our company provides a vast range of products, including our tower crane, inner climbing tower crane, concrete batching machine, trailer concrete pump, concrete mixer, and much more.

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