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Concrete Batching Plant

Our concrete batching plant consists of a batching system, mixing system, electrical control system, and more. Adopting a high-precision microcomputer control system, the batching plant offers a high level of automation. Manual control is also available. In addition, the concrete batching plant can store mixture ratio, is equipped with a printing system, and can automatically complete beforehand setting production.

HZS concrete batching plant is suitable for producing a variety of concrete, like quaking concrete, dry concrete, ready-mixed concrete, and more. Reliable and efficient, it is widely used in precast concrete component factories, as well as building construction, road and bridge construction projects.

1. The concrete batching plant adopts JS forced type twin horizontal shaft mixer, which is efficient, durable, easy to operate and convenient to maintain.
2. Fully-enclosed batching plant and belt conveyor minimize the dust and noise pollution to the environment. The adoption of negative-pressure dust removing method and special fiber filter cloth ensures all dust caused during material feeding process is completely collected by the dust catcher. This effectively protects the environment. In addition, the dust collected can be recycled. Customers can also choose an imported dust removal system.
2. The mixing blades are made of wear-resistant high chromium, high-manganese alloy material. This, coupled with end bearing and multiple seal protection, greatly improves the reliability of the main machine.
3. For parts that are easily subjected to impact and abrasion, like discharge hopper, wear-resistant steel plates are used inside to enhance the strength of these parts. As the belt joints are joined by vulcanization, in stead of riveting, contributing to the longer service life of the belt.
4. The concrete batching plant uses a management and monitoring computer system as the backup system for the whole electrical control system. This enables the concrete batching plant to continue to operate when the host computer fails. Additionally, the use of electrical components gathered from world famous brands such as Schneider, Siemens, Omron, Philips, Mitsubishi, helps ensure the overall stability of the electrical control system.
5. Electronic weighing is adopted for measuring the weight of aggregate, powder and water. Components for measuring, controlling and signal conversion are world famous brand products and the sensor is highly precise. Hence, the accuracy of weighing is highly guaranteed.
6. Cement, fly ash and other powder materials are transported to the weighing hopper by a screw feeder. The discharge butterfly valve of the hopper is imported from Italy, providing tight sealing and reliable motion.

HZS25-25m3/H; HZS35-35m3/H; HZS50-50m3/H; HZS75-75m3/H
HZS60-60m3/H; HZS90-90m3/H; HZS120-120m3/H; HZS180-180m3/H

Components of the Concrete Batching Plant
Twin Shaft Concrete Mixers
Aggregate Batching Plant
Aggregate System
Cement System
Water System
Control System

Main Specifications
Capacity:25~180 m3/H
Aggregate Size :60/80mm, Aggregate Sorts: 3 or 4
Aggregate Loading: Wheel Loader
Aggregate Feeding: Belt Conveyor
Cement Feeding : Screw Feeder

More Technical Parameters Regarding HZS HLS Series Concrete Batching Plant

Item Unit HZS50 HLS60 HZS75 HLS90 HLS120 HLS180 HLS240
Theoretical Productivity m3/h 50 60 75 90 120 180 240
Mixer Model JS1000 JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000 JS3000 JS4000
Mixing Power Kw 2×18.5 2×18.5 2×30 2×30 2×37 2×55 2×75
Dosing Machine Type PLD1600 PLD1600 PLD2400 PLD2400 PLD3200 PLD4800 PLD6400
Unloading height m ≥3.8 ≥4
Aggregates Measuring Precision % ±2
Cement ±1
Powder Additive ±1
Water ±1
Liquid additive ±1

Shangdong Yongli Group is a professional concrete batching plant manufacturer and supplier based in China. We offer various types of construction machinery such as a tower crane, wheel loader, trailer concrete pump, and concrete mixer.

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