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Concrete Mixer JS

Developed based on internationally advanced technology and our decades of mixer manufacturing experience, JS series horizontal twin screw concrete mixer is a superior mixing machine that is great for mixing dry stiff concrete, semi-dry stiff concrete, quaking concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, high-flowability concrete, and others. In addition to being used separately, our concrete mixer can also be used together with PL series concrete batching machine, cement silo and fly ash silo to form a simple mixing plant. Quality built and economically priced, our mixer is widely used in precast concrete component factories, as well as building construction, road, bridge, port, and other construction projects.

The JS series concrete mixer is available in a wide range of models, such as JS350, JS500, JS750 and JS1000, so as to suit customers' diverse requirements. These models of mixer come with various support legs. For example, the length of the support leg for JS500 is 1500m, for JS750 is 1600mm, and for JS1000 is 3500mm or 4000mm.

1. Our concrete mixer offers high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and good mixing uniformity.
2. Due to its reasonable structure design, the mixer is convenient to maintain.
3. The liner plate and mixing blade are long lasting as they are made of superior abrasion-resistant cast steel.
4. Main components of the electrical control system are world famous brand products, whose performance and reliability is highly guaranteed.

We are a professional concrete mixer manufacturer and supplier based in China. We offer concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, inner climbing tower crane, trailer concrete pump, concrete batching plant, and much more.

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