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Trailer Concrete Pump

1. The hydraulic system uses imported valves with original packaging to control the operation of the concrete pump, which results in better reliability.
2. The main electrical components are imported from well-known brands, contributing to the reliable performance of the electrical control system.
3. The distribution valve is reliable and offers high performance for gripping material.
4. The high capacity main oil pump can maximize its efficiency when the power is constant.
5. The specially designed blades result in small dead corner during mixing and can accommodate to a variety of concrete formulas.
6. The trailer concrete pump has automatic piston moving function, which makes it convenient to check and replace the piston head.
7. Realizing operation through the menu and displaying text on the large screen effectively reduce operating buttons. The electrical cabinet reaches IP65 protection grade.
8. The adoption of electric proportional control technology helps achieve the stepless regulation of the pump delivery capacity.
9. The trailer concrete pump is easy to maintain. All wearing parts are convenient to install and remove.

Model and Technical Data for Trailer Concrete Pump (Electrical Motor Concrete Pump)
HBT series of concrete pump: HBT60. 13. 90S
Max. theoretical concrete output (m3/h): 73/43
Max. concrete pumping pressure (MPa): 13/7
Power (kw): 90
Concrete cylinder diameter/stroke(mm): Φ200/1600
Hopper capacity(m3): 0. 8
Feeding height supports(mm): 1400
Max. theoretical delivery distance (v/h.)(m): 270/1200
Overall dimensions (mm): 6100*2100*2300
Total weight(kg): 6000

Shangdong Yongli Group is a professional trailer concrete pump manufacturer based in China. Our products include concrete pump, tower crane, inner climbing tower crane, concrete mixer, wheel loader, and much more.

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