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Trailer Concrete Pump

Hydraulic System of the Trailer Concrete Pump
Both the main pumping circuit and "S" valve circuit are open-circuit. They are separately driven by a pump, which makes the two circuits independent to each other. The simplified system, results in a longer service life, higher reliability and easier troubleshooting.
Proximity switch used to control the direction of the main pumping makes changeover steady and reliable.
Main components of the hydraulic system are famous brand products. The use of special safety devices, such as relief valve, pressure cut-off control, alarming system and auto-reversing device, promises the system will be more reliable than ever.
Driven by the constant pressure pump with an accumulator, the swivel cylinder can get enough moment and save power at the same time.
All imported seal kits ensure higher reliability and a longer lifetime.
Due to the electrical solenoid or hydraulic directional valve, the switching from high pressure to low pressure becomes easy and quick. There is less hydraulic leakage than the similar domestic products.

Electrical System of the Trailer Concrete Pump
It features advanced performance, effortless operation and high reliability.
The electrical system comes with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which takes the place of many relays such as time relays. This not only greatly reduces the use of components but also simplifies wiring in the system, resulting in a higher reliability. In combination with PLC, a visual display can indicate the status of inputs and outputs, leading to an easier troubleshooting. 90% of the electrical components are gathered from world renowned brands, so their reliability is guaranteed. The utilization of a remote controller enables the user to conveniently operate the system from a long distance. In addition, the proximity switches can help to realize automatic direction changeover.

Mechanical System of the Trailer Concrete Pump
In designing key parts, such as "S" pipe distribution valve and hopper, software I-DEAS is adopted to realize Finite Element analysis of load distribution, construction rigidity and stress concentration. As a result, the optimized hopper and "S" valve system effectively avoid the following phenomena like hopper distortion and breakage of "S" pipe valve shaft during high pressure conveying.
By a specially designed sealing structure of agitator, hydraulic motors are completely separated from bearing seats, so even under the situation of sealing failure, the slurry has no chance of getting into motor. High-torque motors ensure high mixing torque. Thanks to the auto-reversing device and anti-wearing blades, the blockade will never happen even under severe conditions.
The wearing parts, such as the anti-wearing plate and the cutting ring, have a long service life up to 20000m3 under favorable condition.
The distance between the anti-wearing plate and the cutting ring can be automatically adjusted.

Driven System
Deutz diesel engine, equipped with electronic accelerator device.

Lubrication System
The patented central automatic lubrication system comes with a piston grease-pump, which features high pressure and reliability and can realize automatic lubrication of piston. The filters at the outlet and the inlet of oil ports provide double protection, thus guaranteeing the system reliability.

Technical Data for Trailer Concrete Pump (Diesel Engine Concrete Pump)
HBT series of concrete pump: HBT100. 16. 181RS
Max. theoretical concrete output (m3/h): 100/70
Max. concrete pumping pressure (MPa): 16/11
Power (kw): 180
Concrete cylinder diameter/stroke(mm): Φ200/2100
Hopper capacity(m3): 0. 8
Feeding height supports( mm): 1400
Max. theoretical delivery distance (v/h. )(m): 350/1500
Overall dimensions (mm): 6760*2100*2840

As a China-based trailer concrete pump manufacturer, we provide not only concrete pump, but also inner climbing tower crane, concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, and other construction machinery.

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