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Topless Tower Crane

1. The topless tower crane has achieved an internationally advanced level in terms of performance. For instance, its maximum working range reaches 74m, which results in extended working space.
2. Designed in accordance with the latest trend, the crane is sure to impress you with its elegant and aesthetic look.
3. The tower crane offers three modes, including stationary mode, inner climbing mode and attached mode, so it can meet different requirements. The independent lifting height is 62, and the attached lifting height is 206 m.
4. The lifting mechanism adopts multi-speed wound rotor motor and single speed ratio reducer to achieve low speed for high loads and high speed for light loads.
A trolley runs along the jib to move the load in and out from the crane's center.
The slewing mechanism adopts a wound rotor motor and planetary gear reducer. This, coupled with hydraulic coupling, ensures high carrying capacity, smooth starting performance and wind resistance inposition function.
5. Equipped with various protection devices, the topless tower crane operates reliably and safely.
6. The cab located on the side offers the driver all-round visibility.
7. The crane is easy to use, simple to maintain, and offers high lifting capacity (max. 1.8t).

As an experienced topless tower crane manufacturer based in China, Shangdong Yongli Group also offers trailer concrete pump, inner climbing tower crane, concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, and more.

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