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Inner Climbing Tower Crane

The inner climbing tower crane is made up of special base sections, climbing frames and climbing devices. By the aid of the climbing device, the tower crane raises itself by climbing up as the building rises. At the beginning of the construction, the machine is fixed on the concrete foundation by the aid of a special undercarriage, while it is directly supported by the building after climbing up.

We successfully developed this new kind of inner climbing tower crane which is used inside buildings. With more than 50 years of experience, we can ensure our inner climbing tower crane is highly reliable and can greatly reduce your cost by using less mast sections. There are many models of our inner climbing tower crane for you to choose from. Please refer to the following table for more details.

Series Model Load Jib Height
QNP20 TCN3006 0.65/2 t 30m 25m
QNP31.5 TC4206 0.636/3 t 42m 24.6m/100m
QNP40 TC4708 0.79/4 t 46.8m 24.6m/120m
QNP50 TC5010 0.967/4 t 50m 25m/100
QNP63 TC5510 1.0/6 t 55m 35m/150m

Shangdong Yongli Group is a professional inner climbing tower crane manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company produces a wide variety of construction machinery, including the topless tower crane, concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, trailer concrete pump, and others.

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