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  • QTZ125 Tower CraneQTZ125 tower crane is an upper-slewing fixed type light crane that is widely used for constructing various kinds of industrial and civil buildings. Due to its compact structure, the crane is especially suitable for construction sites with tight space and complicated landform.
  • QTZ80 Tower CraneThe tower crane is equipped with many protection devices to ensure safe operation, such as a lifting load limiter, moment limiter, lifting height limiter, trolley travel Limiter and slewing limiter. Rest platform and guardrails are also available. The cab independently located on the side is spacious, aesthetically pleasing, and offers convenient operation.
  • QTZ63 Tower CraneDue to use of large, rigid mast sections (cross section:1500×1500mm), the tower crane maintains good stability and small swing when lifting loads.
    Long jib (42/47/48/50m) translates into large working range of the crane.
  • QTZ40 Tower CraneQTZ40 tower crane adopts travel trolley, top-slewing, 2-point jib, and hydraulic jacking system for adding sections.
    As the tower crane is equipped with mechanical moment limiter, lifting load limiter, multi-function position limiter and other protection devices which are precise, reliable and agile, customers can feel secure in using it.
  • QTZ31.5 Tower CraneThe tower crane adopts superior quality components and parts, such as solar obstruction light, air conditioning, Schneider electric components, shuttle type control cabin, high-torque slewing reducer, high-grade tower body paint, quality brake, travel trolley with guide wheel, and more.
  • QTZ20 Tower CraneThe tower crane is a product used at major construction sites for vertical and horizontal transportation applications. It consists of lifting, slewing, luffing and jacking mechanisms, which can work respectively or together for higher efficiency. The jacking mechanism is used to make the tower rise or descend.

The tower crane, a primary product of Yongli Group, is a common fixture at any construction site. It is available in a great variety of types, like QTZ20, QTZ40, QTZ80, QTZ125, and more, with a wide working range (30-60m). The hydraulic self-erecting crane has a horizontal jib frame, and a trolley runs along the jib to move the load in and out from the crane's center. Due to its consistent quality and reliability, our tower crane is widely used in the construction of high-rise buildings like restaurants, residential buildings, as well as large-span industrial plants, tall chimneys, and more.

1. The tower is made up of many mast sections which are interchangeable, convenient to install and remove.
2. Both end face of the main limb of the section has been processed by the coordinate boring machine, which ensures the flatness of the end face and verticality of the tower crane, thereby improving the overall performance of the crane.
3. Advanced rust removing devices are applied in material pre-treatment process to ensure rustless structure welding.
4. High-quality surface coating enables the tower crane to be used in moving various materials. It is durable under low-temperature, high-temperature, wet, as well as oceanic environments.
5. The tower crane is strictly tested by an ultrasonic flaw detector and decibel meter.
6. The lifting jib with double lifting point, triangular section structure is rigid and convenient to install.
7. The crane works stably when handling heavy goods and works quickly when handling light goods. In addition, fast hook lowering helps improve working efficiency. The use of famous-brand speed reducer contributes to ensuring the smooth operation, low noise and reliability of the tower crane.
8. The crane adopts single-row four-point contact ball type slewing bearing, which is rigid and can simultaneously bear axial force, radial force and overturning moment.
9. The crane uses hydraulic coupling and planetary gear reducer, with compact structure, high transmission ratio and low failure rate.
10. The slewing mechanism adopts wound rotor motor and resistor for speed regulation, which makes the tower crane run stably and helps improve the lifetime of the crane.
11. The use of electronic components from world famous brands such as SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS or LG, ensures the stability and reliability of the crane.
12. As all of our finished products are made in accordance with the ISO9001 standard and other applicable national standards, customers can feel secure in purchasing them.

Technical Parameters of the Tower Crane

Series Model Load Jib Height
QTG, QTZ, QNP20(Inner Climbing) TC3006 0.6/2 t 30m 25m
QTZ31.5 TC3808 0.8/3 t 38m 30m/100m
TC4206 0.635/3 t 42m 30m/100m
QTZ40 TC3512 1.18/4 t 35m 30m/120m
TC4110 1.0/4 t 40.8m 30m/120m
TC4708 0.8/4 t 47m 30m/120m
QTZ50 TC4512 1.167/4 t 45m 30m/100m
TC5010 0.967/4 t 50m 30m/100m
QTZ63 TC4614 1.38/6 t 46m 40m/150m
TC4912 1.173/6 t 49m 40m/150m
TC5211 1.1/6 t 52m 40m/150m
TC5510 1.0/6 t 55m 40m/150m
QTZ80 TC3723 2.334/8 t 37m 46.2m/151.2m
TC4319 1.894/8 t 43m 46.2m/151.2m
TC4916 1.562/8 t 49m 46.2m/151.2m
TC5513 1.303/8 t 55m 46.2m/151.2m
QTZ125 TC3833 3.333/10 t 38m 50m/180m
TC4428 2.764/10 t 44m 50m/180m
TC5023 2.332/10 t 50m 50m/180m
TC5620 1.992/10 t 56m 50m/180m
TC6018 1.803/10 t 60m 50m/180m

Shangdong Yongli Group is a professional tower crane manufacturer and supplier based in China. We offer a wide range of products, including our inner climbing tower crane, topless tower crane, concrete pump, concrete batching machine, and others.

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